Tomboy Goes 1800’s

Abby prides herself on her modern style of dress. She likes the tomboy look, and it looks good on her.

Here she is, posing with her little sister, complete with the usual look and attitude:


So imagine my shock when Abby loved the stage costume she had to wear for a very recent (last weekend) local production of Little Women. This was a very girly and old-fashioned dress, and when I first saw it I thought she’d hate it. She was also excited to wear makeup and a head band which *gasp* pulled her hair off of her face, and in the process of being excited, she somehow forgot that it was all so… girly.


I think I got through it all without squealing, but it was difficult.


5 responses to “Tomboy Goes 1800’s

  1. Tell the girls to stop throwin’ gang signs. Bloods and Crips everywhere will be confused.

    By the way, Happy Birthday KDF. I can’t believe you’re turning 29 today.

    Amazing, isn’t it? Actually, when Sam asked, I told him that I’m turning 100. Instead of laughing, he said, “Really?”-KDF

  2. Aww, cute.

    And Happy Birthday!

    Thanks, Jeff! -KDF

  3. Did you ask what the boys name was? ;-)

    Har! -KDF

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  5. Who was she playing? Meg? Beth?

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