Urgent Travel Update

Several weeks ago, I wrote about my obsessive quest to travel with carry-on luggage only, despite my certainty that I could not possibly fit all of my crap essentials into one measly, quart-sized, plastic bag with a resealable ziploc top. Many of you kindly offered helpful advice.



I did it.

I reduced, reevaluated, miniaturized, rearranged, checked in online and walked right to my gate. I am once again free from The Prison of Waiting In Line to Surrender My Belongings, The Purgatory of Baggage Claim, and The Weekend Hell of Lost Baggage.

Now, if I end up delayed and have to stay anywhere longer than three days, I will have to find a (paper; not plastic) bag to wear over my head while I scout out retail establishments for additional supplies, but I suppose I’ll cross that frizzy bridge when and if I come to it.

For now, I will confidently pass through security, knowing that my baggie o’ liquids and gels meets government standards, content in the knowledge that I will be the only one with the opportunity to lose my luggage.

Challenge: The reader who correctly identifies the largest number of items pictured above wins a supply of FAA-approved quart-sized baggies, in addition to personalized packing advice. From me. Since I’m an expert now.

Bonus tip for everyone: bring an extra baggie. Mine was so stuffed to the gills that it ripped when I tried to repack it for the return flight. Oops.


9 responses to “Urgent Travel Update

  1. 1. Crest Whitening Expressions, herbal mint flavor.
    2. Some sort of contact solution; I’m guessing Renu, but I can’t see the label very well.
    3. Friz-ease, by John Frieda
    4. A hair spray, shampoo and conditioner of some sort?
    5. That’s all I’ve got.

    Yep, well done, B. Anyone else? Anyone? Bueller? -KDF

  2. This quiz is No Fair to Guys.

    *snork* -KDF

  3. Jeff~ I’ll share my baggies with you. ;-)

    Aw! Way to be a team player, B. :) -KDF

  4. Well, I’m just guessing that the unlabeled bottle contains something lemon and lavenderish.

    *dingdingding!!!* knbtc gets extra points for paying attention. -KDF

  5. Any coconut lime verbena in there? They make a shampoo and conditioner in that, you know. ;-)

    Nope, just little tiny bottles of my Redken Smooth Down shampoo and conditioner. It’s the only stuff that prevents my hair from going *FOOOOF!* so I take it everywhere. -KDF

  6. OK, I think you all got everything except the mascara and concealer. Bumble wins the ziplocs!

  7. Concealer?! They shouldn’t allow anything like that on an airplane!

  8. *takes bow*

    knbtc~ If they didn’t, some flight attendants would be even scarier than they already are. ;-)

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