Crap, No Chance My Baggie’s Clearing Security Now

Random declaration of the day:

Sam: Mom, know what I wanna be when I grow up?

Me: Nope. What?

Sam: A Western Terrorist.

Me: Um. A what?

Sam: You know, one of those guys who ties females to railroad tracks.

Me: Of course.


I discovered this poor little elephant today, cruelly taped to a skateboard. But first, I ran him her over with my van.


6 responses to “Crap, No Chance My Baggie’s Clearing Security Now

  1. *snork*

    One of my friends asked me if I had gum when we were traveling to Germany. I said, “Yes, I have gum in my purse.” It caught the attention of one of the security guards; he did a double take, and asked me to repeat what I’d said. “Gum. Gummmm!” I said. I thought we were in trouble there for a minute.

    Yikes. This is why I don’t speak while going through security. Glad it didn’t get ugly! -KDF

  2. How did he know if it was female?

    Har! -KDF

  3. You know, my only elephant joke is just not gonna be funny to anyone else.

    What do you get when you cross an elephant and a rhinoceros?

    elephant(rhinoceros) sin theta

    See, told you.

    Sam probably gets it.

    Um, har? I’ll check with Sam later. :) -KDF

  4. Bumble, that sounds like Woody Allen’s Take the Money and Run.

  5. *looks in the Big Book of Vector Analysis Jokes*

    nope, can’t top it…

  6. lmao….that’s a good one :)

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