Trick or Treat!

Here’s hoping that all your treats are chocolate, and all your bats are big ones.


Designed and carved by (clockwise from top left:) Sam, Hannah, Abby, Me

MY FINAL AND ONLY BASEBALL CELEBRATION UPDATE: Love the Red Sox or hate ’em, we could all take a lesson in “dancing like nobody’s watching” (even though a bazillion people were) from pitcher Jonathan Papelbon, described this morning on Sports Radio as “just the right combination of insane and intense.” Plus, ya gotta love the Dropkick Murphys cruising through the streets of Boston on a flatbed truck.


11 responses to “Trick or Treat!

  1. I like Hannah’s. Spooky.

    Jeff, I appreciate your restraint. :) -KDF

  2. aw, you made a Bozo pumpkin! I’m flattered!

    Yep, just for you! *Fed Exes Bozo a broom and a Red Sox 2007 World Champions t-shirt* -KDF

  3. I love celebrations like this. Excellent!

    Yes, it was! -KDF

  4. I’ll forward the shirt on to Jeff.

    *SNORK* -KDF

  5. Thanks for sharing this, K. We get NO coverage of this out here… although we get lots of Jacoby Ellsbury stories. And I have to say, I am definitely on board THAT bandwagon.

    And Taco Boy is still a rookie, even. Is it April yet? -KDF

  6. Nope. You still have all the riots from the Pats and the Celtics championships before then.

    Good point — I’d better dust off my helmet and body armour. -KDF

  7. I wrote that before the “celebration” video was up there.

    2. “Restraint” is not a word Red Sox fans seem to know. (See ’37 arrests’ story/.)

    There is no #3.

  8. Jeff, look more closely at the pumpkins that were there when you commented the first time — particularly the one on the lower left :).

    And yep, although I heard it as 38 arrests, and was so very (not) proud. :( We’re not all like that, though.

  9. SO, did the kids dress as Big Papi for Halloween?

    Nope, but so far Manny Ramirez has knocked on my door twice! -KDF

  10. I count four. Where’s the fifth?

    Usually there are only three, since it’s typically just the kids who carve. I got obsessed with my idea at the 11th hour and submitted my late entry after the parade on Tuesday afternoon. -KDF

  11. Pumpkins!!!

    Man…your kids can carve a MUCH cooler pumpkin than I can. Mine always turn out looking like I got frustrated halfway through and took out my artistic angst on the poor, defenseless Jack ‘o Lantern.

    And that’s not what happened. And you can’t prove it.

    Is too! Bet I can! :P -KDF

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