Two pirates and a “crazy, mixed-up doll,” Abby’s original idea.




And of course, dueling pirates!



4 responses to “Halloweenies

  1. Is Sam’s expression based on the fact that his little sister looks tougher than he does?

    My own little pyrate did quite well last night. Amazing how well, “trick or treat…it’s my birthday,” works.

    So cute! The little scurvy plunderers are everywhere! Regarding the Sam question, one of my brothers saw the picture and told me that he thought Sam looked more like a rastafarian vampire than a pirate. Which, I suppose, could explain the look on his face. -KDF

  2. Cute! I haven’t seen pictures of my little angels yet; niece (1 yr old) was a fuzzy yellow chick, and nephew (4) was Peyton Manning. I’m quite sure he was the only kid in Oregon dressed as an Indy Colt. :-)

    Sam was a fuzzy yellow and white chick when he was a one year-old — it was the one and only costume I ever made. Well, “made” in the sense that I bought a white feather boa and pinned it to a sweatshirt, and drew eyes on a yellow baseball cap. Dang, now I need to go find a picture of that. -KDF

  3. Actually, I thought he looked a little like Manny.

    *snork* -KDF

  4. *SNORK!*

    I was going to comment on Sam’s dreads there myself, but apparently your brother beat me to it. :p

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