A Public Service Announcement from Abby and Hannah

This is what happens when I leave my camera out on the kitchen counter at kid-eye-level.

They take it. They use up the batteries. Sometimes they get it all sticky.

However, this is useful tape-slash-horse information they’re providing here, and frankly, what would I write about if my kids were angelic and well-behaved? So there’s that.


6 responses to “A Public Service Announcement from Abby and Hannah

  1. Apparently, Hannah’s farm animal expertise is limited to pigs.

    Har! Yes, I do need to investigate that, since I really thought she had mastered the developmental milestone of farm animal differentiation. -KDF

  2. Ohmigawd….

    I’m STILL laughing at, “Tape is made of eyeball goo!!”


    She COULD be right, ya know. This could end up on Dateline, even. -KDF

  3. Abby needs new jammies. There’s a hole bigger than a manhole cover in her pants.

    P.S. If she’s still talking about “eyeball goo” by Thanksgiving, the semi-annual Uncle Doug slumber party is off and you guys can sleep in Uncle Mike’s basement with all the mice. Yep, they actually have them there.

    1. She stole the jammie pants from her brother, who CUT the hole in the pants. They’re jammies. I just don’t care.

    2. *makes note to self to politely decline Uncle Mike’s basement-hospitality* -KDF

  4. Hannah will think the mice are cats.

    *writes reminder note to sign Hannah up for Remedial Biology* -KDF

  5. You might just get her a See-N-Say.

    Oo, good idea, except I seem to remember that mine often misfired. In fact… hm. Maybe that’s why she has this problem. -KDF

  6. Bwaaaaahahahahaha!

    Great stuff, even if it did make me seasick.

    Yes, and sorry. They could definitely use a tripod. -KDF

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