I was just doing a little blog-housekeeping, and discovered, quite by accident, that virtually all of my recipe posts involve orange food.

I find this odd, as I’m fairly certain that I enjoy the full spectrum of food colors, with the possible exception of grey.

My dad once became obsessed with carrots and ate so many that the excess beta carotene turned the whites of his eyes yellow. (Okay, not really; it actually turned out that he had hepatitis, but for a while there, the excess carrot thing was his favored and at least somewhat plausible hypothesis. Plus, it illustrates my point, as to my chromosomally-acquired obsessive tendencies, so why should I let reality get in the way of a good analogy?)

I don’t think I’m quite this obsessive myself, at least not with food, although my blog content says otherwise.

I’ll try to think of a different topic to write about, or at least a different color to cook with eventually, I promise. But for now, I’ll be in the kitchen with my sweet potatoes and cheezits. And of course, my leftover carrot soup. That stuff is good!


4 responses to “Revelation

  1. *scatters broccoli, spinach, eggplants, blueberries, tomatoes, purple potatoes, and bananas around blog*

    *swipes all the pumpkins*

    I am now breathlessly awaiting a recipe for broccoli, spinach, eggplant, blueberry, tomato, purple potato, and banana soup. Theng-kew.

    Hm… I think I’ll call it “Sludge.” Rich in antioxidants and extremely low calorie, since I’d never eat it, because, ew. (But such a welcome break from all the orange. Phew!) -KDF

  2. I think if you mix all of the above, it will actually be grey. Possibly even gray.

    Dammit. I always get that wrong. -KDF

  3. I wouldn’t say that you were wrong, as such. As with most things, it all depends on your perspective.

  4. My ‘lil nephew’s nose turned orange for a while when we were giving him squash and carrot baby foods. The doctor said it was too much beta carotene. We stopped with the mushed up orange stuff, and his nose became and remained a healthy pinkish color. :-)

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