He Really Wanted A Chicken Patty

UPDATE for anyone keeping track of SAM’S EXPERIMENTAL POTTY MOUTH PHASE, which I don’t see ending anytime soon:

Sam (suppressing laughter, frowning dramatically for emphasis, and checking my face for a reaction): I hate spaghetti. It makes me angry and pissed.

Me (also suppressing laughter): I’m sorry spaghetti has such a negative impact on your mood, Sam.

Sam: Yeah. It stinks and sucks.

Me: Get over it, bud.


3 responses to “He Really Wanted A Chicken Patty

  1. *snork*

    It could be worse. Little Bear wished for spaghetti and got liver instead.

    /obscure, ancient children’s book reference

  2. he’s trial ballooning his dirty talk. i’m disappointed he did not ratchet it up from the “sucks” declaration. maybe next time.

  3. in spite of my best efforts to stop him, my son (age almost 14) also says things “suck”, all the time

    i hope, if nothing else, that i’ve at least made it clear that this is not to be said at school, or in public, or in front of his grandparents

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