Diva In Training

When you’re eight years-old and wearing flip-flops in November and cruising the ‘hood with your friends, and then you fall down in a mud puddle and run back to your friend’s house in search of warm running water and dry socks, happiness is…

…chicken nuggets and hot chocolate and macaroni and cheese.

Note: There is no school today, so there are extra children here. They won’t stay still, so I can’t accurately report how many, exactly.

As I made lunch today, Hannah’s friend Josie (”Charlotte” in last spring’s Big Theatrical Production) asked, in her best hopeless-and-hungry voice, “How long until the food is ready?”

I pretended to be very offended, dropped my jaw to show my extreme shock at her question, and said, “You’re so demanding!” Then, I smiled, and answered, “Eight minutes.”

Josie widened her eyes to express her dire need for food RIGHT NOW, and said, “Eight minutes!!?? Oh, CHEEEEEZNIPPLES!!!

She spun herself around in a perfectly executed Dramatic Huff, and walked away.

(Then, I said, *snork*)


5 responses to “Diva In Training

  1. KDF’s Corollary to Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle: It is impossible to know the exact number or location of moving children.

    Yes, that’s exactly what I was going to say. Guess I should have categorized this post under the “Quantum Mechanics” tag. Ha. (pssst, is there also a corollary for “cheeeeeznipples”?) -KDF

  2. Cheeeeeeeeeeeeze gots nipples????


    I know!!! Who knew? I guess there’s that whole dairy/cheese/milk/breast continuum, but it hadn’t actually occurred to me until now. -KDF

  3. it hadn’t oc-curd to me either…

  4. hey, sharon took my line! ;)


    *snork* at insom

  5. oh, and *snork* at josie :)

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