Hotel Hannah

One of Hannah’s most wonderful qualities is her ability to entertain herself.

For the past six months, my youngest has played an ongoing and elaborate game of “Hotel.” The living room is the lobby and all other rooms are guest rooms. She is extremely proud of her impressive collection of assorted, actual, old hotel key cards, which she distributes to all family members and playmates upon “check in,” which occurs multiple times per guest whenever anyone is anywhere near the front desk/coffee table. She bickers viciously with her sister over management responsibilities — most days they end up as “co-managers,” but now and again, I’ll find a carefully designed business card or nameplate declaring one employee or the other as “THE ONLY Hotel Manager.”

The hospitality business is not for wimps.

Recently, I received this notice in my guest room mailbox, which is to say, it was under my pillow.


I am confronted with several important issues.

1) I’m worried! I can’t stand it!

2) I’m not sure I have ever stayed at a hotel where guests are required to attend staff meetings

3) The letter’s air of mystery reminds me of this movie, which I must find and rent now, since I haven’t seen it in 30 years, which forces me to confront my geezer status

4) WHAT is the meding about, dammit??!!

5) When I check out, how much should I tip?

NEXT DAY UPDATE: There was no meding. 3:30 came and went. I am still in suspense, and sweating a little. This kid is good.



11 responses to “Hotel Hannah

  1. I got a note just like that from my boss last week. Except the meeting was at 3:00.

    And Hannah spells better.

  2. what happened?

    sounds like Hannah needs one of these!

    Oo, thanks for the idea, insom! *adds item to the Christmas list* -KDF

  3. I need to know what the meding is about immediately. And why the hell wasn’t i called to the meding? I’m a little hot under the collar about not being in on the meding. Hannah will pay.

    OK, but prepare to be paid in hotel vouchers. -KDF

  4. I attempted to make a reservation on the phone earlier tonight. Hannah told me I would be staying in “The Fairy Room.” What the hell is a fairy room? Is she trying to tell me something? And while I’m asking questions, is that where the medings are held?

    Hey, a stay in The Fairy Room is an honor, Uncle Doug, but watch where you wave that magic wand — it’s a powerful thing. As to the location of the medings: she told me that mine was at the front desk, but it never happened. It’s certainly possible that super-secret-undercover-insider meetings are held right there in The Fairy Room. She’ll probably tell you if you give her candy, but I expect a report since I’m tipping you off. -KDF

  5. 2) I’m not sure I have ever stayed at a hotel where guests are required to attend staff meetings

    Seeing as you’re the resident mom at this hotel, I’d imagine you’re the representative for the maid staff. ;-)

    Hm, excellent point. :) -KDF

  6. I love Hannah – great imagination!

    Thanks, Jeff. I love her too. :) -KDF

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  8. Longing for Holiday

    Here is my thought. Do you get hit by searches for Hannah Montana? I wrote two blogs with that name in the subject and they get hit constantly via www searches looking for info on the HM concert. Just a thot…

    Hm, good question. I probably have a few incidental mentions of Hannah Montana here and there, but I don’t think that’s it in this case. Perhaps I should write about her more, though, in the interest of boosting my numbers. Ha! -KDF

  9. What a creative game! Sounds like something my kids would dream up. Oh.. and I got here from your other post (Where are you people coming from?) which was on the wordpress dashboard tonight.

    Welcome, Lisa! -KDF

  10. LOL Now I see why this post is still being read as it is really funny…

    Thanks, Dabir! -KDF

  11. Longing for Holiday

    Even the mention of your daughter’s name might bring the HM enthusiast. I like how you rejoice in your children, too!

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