Can’t We Just Stay Home and Take A Nap? Comb the Cats? Clean the Fridge?


I am minutes from heading out (*sputter*) to the mall (*gaaack*) with my daughters, who have requested a shopping excursion (*hurl*) and still want to go, even though I have assured them that we will not be spending money in excess of $10 on items we don’t need, beyond whatever it costs to eat a mall-type lunch.

I am working hard to set aside my own distaste-for-shopping-as-sport, and wondering why my daughters think that the best girl-bonding must include retail activities.

I even told them last night that we would not be going unless they cleaned their rooms. Ha! I was certain that this was a brilliant gem of a move on my part, as that will never happen. I have harped on them unsuccessfully for several weeks, but of course, this morning, both rooms were spotless before the coffee was even a glimmer in my eye. Which was actually still closed, along with the other one.

Maybe this whole shopping thing isn’t such a bad idea after all.

*hides credit cards*


4 responses to “Can’t We Just Stay Home and Take A Nap? Comb the Cats? Clean the Fridge?

  1. I was a mallaholic as a teenager. I have to say that I do not enjoy the mall as much but still love to shop (just in one place and not from store to store as I don’t have time) and I have shoe issues to this day. For most “the condition” may not last forever :)
    Debbie aka The Real World Martha

  2. LOL….I have one daughter that loves the mall and two that hate to go shopping at all.

  3. My mom had one shopaholic (my sister, the middle child) and two disinterested children (myself [the baby] and my other sister [the oldest]) who would rather wear the same raggy, baggy clothes forever than waste time on something as boring and frustrating as shopping.

    I’ve improved a little in that area since I started losing weight and realized that more things fit me, but I still view it as an annoying necessity rather than a fun treat. Plus I’m a cheapskate. :-)

    B, I’m in those camps, too — necessity and cheapskate! -KDF

  4. The mall does suck. I hate it with a passion. But I hate shopping with a passion. But my girls love the stinkin’ place too. In one more year the oldest will be able to drive and she can take her sister on the dreaded journey. I’m counting down the months…lol.

    FX — maybe then your girls can take my girls, and you and I can go out and have coffee. :) -KDF

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