Mall Update

1.) After 27 minutes of stalking and searching, we found a parking spot.

2.) We stopped at the crepe place and purchased very delicious food and/or drink. Three times. (1) Savory crepes. 2) Drinks. 3) Ice cream.)

3.) Abby happily and firmly declared, “When I’m a grownup, I’m going to go to the mall every weekend.”

4.) Hannah did not get to take home her coveted fuzzy purse, Hannah Montana wig, or $49 sweatshirt. She did, however, perfect her unique pronunciation of the store, “Applecrombie & Fitch”

5.) I. Had. Fun. (*gasp*)

6.) Mainly because the girls were in great moods, and because the mall seems to make them want to really girl-bond, in the sense that they want to talk and laugh and be together.


7.) We threw pennies in the first floor fountain, from the second floor.

8.) We found a 70%-off-lowest-marked-price sale where the “totally cool shirts” were seven dollars each.

9.) We found a place that sells chocolate. And coffee. And chocolate.

10.) We shopped until Hannah literally dropped. Following the purchase of the $7.00 shirts, I had to pick her up off the floor. Of course, this was five hours after our arrival at the mall, so running out of fuel was inevitable. And an excellent excuse to leave.

11.) We will be back. But not until after Christmas.


6 responses to “Mall Update

  1. That chocolate and coffee sounds great – my favorite foods!

  2. Five HOURS at the mall? Shoot me now.

  3. Applecrombie & Fitch

    That’s right up there with some of the pronunciations my sister used to use: “Baskets & Robbins (Baskin & Robbins)” and “Booger King (Burger King)” were my favorites.

    My cousin had a good one once, too. When my dad was on “alert” when he was in the USAF, my cousin called him up to say, “Uncle Bucky, I hope you’re not too lonely at the flirt, or wherever it is you go.”

  4. Determined to teach my children how to live healthy in a fast-food, overprocessed world.

    Not that I have your “about” page memorized, or anything, but, just sayin’…

    Yeah, how to live? Chocolate, that’s how! Right after all the broccoli, of course. :P -KDF

  5. What Jeff said! I’d be more than willing to pay you and the girls to go back to the mall and do my Christmas shopping for me. Every year I do the same thing and order all my presents online. I’m glad you had such a good time, but really, I’ll pay you to do my shopping for me. I hate malls, I hate shopping! Does this mean I lose my girl papers?

    All right, now let’s not get carried away! I did have a good time, but mainly because it was better than being at the house listening to them fight. They were HAPPY and even getting along, and I’d spend the day in prison with them if it had the same effect. Christmas shopping in the mall any weekend after Thanksgiving? Ugh, I’d rather eat a dirt casserole. Online shopping is much more my speed! -KDF

  6. Amen, preach it sisters!

    Shopping online is the only way to go.

    I only wish I didn’t have to go to work at the mall every weekend after Thanksgiving.

    *hides under the bed*

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