Edumacation Survey

Is it just that my memory is failing, or was 6th grade math not anywhere near this hard when I was in grade school? Here is a page of Sam’s actual homework:


*fears 7th grade*


9 responses to “Edumacation Survey

  1. Dang. They do scientific notation in sixth grade? I had to review it last year for a college astronomy class, so I understand it, but I don’t remember doing it in sixth grade. I thought scientific notation started in high school. Or maybe it was junior high; I can’t remember. Does that make me old?

    Bumble, I was thinking highschool, too. And while you are not old, I most certainly am. :) -KDF

  2. Yes, I was definitely done helping with homework by 6th grade.

    Exactly! I need my own textbook. -KDF

  3. 6th grade math homework, circa 1976:

    9 x 9 = 81
    12 + 15 – 3 – 2 = 22
    9 x 2 = 18

    Sounds about right, except I think my answers were wrong. -KDF

  4. holy cow!!! no, that math came my sophomore year.

    I’m really, really scared of what he’ll be getting when he’s a sophomore. -KDF

  5. looks ok. to me…i remember exponents in 6th grade… course we had an ex-Navy man for a teacher who taught us how to find square roots by hand…

    and i remember teaching my dad about logarithms when i was fifteen.

    *sigh* Sorry, Professor Insom, I’m afraid your comments on this topic do not count. :P -KDF

  6. It does look a bit easy for 6th graders. Maybe if I just agree that you are old?

    *smacks* Oh, all right. I know. I’m old. *breaks hip and sighs* -KDF

  7. I have had this same thought, seems they’re hitting harder things earlier.

  8. *still doesn’t get logarithms at 50+*

  9. So you’re telling me that my college freshman students can do factoring and logarithms, but they can’t spell “veneer” correctly??

    (Two of my students spelled it “venir”, which would be impressive if they were trying to speak French, but is not at ALL impressive when they are trying to speak English.)


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