“Hello, Fed Ex? How Much to Deliver a Document to The North Pole?”

Sam has become an impressively skilled film maker. He uses a video camera, his computer, and every airplane/ship/train model he can find to tell his stories. I can already see the Steven Spielberg potential in his vision and intensity of focus.

This morning he informed me that he wants an “Aero Line Playmobile Airport.” I reminded him that he still needs to write up a Christmas list.

It was 6:15 AM. He had not yet eaten or dressed for school, but ran toward the art supplies box in search of pencil and paper.

But he didn’t write a list. He drew up a contract.


As soon as he realized there was no chance I’d run out right then to secure his coveted airport, he crossed out the line in the middle. What cannot be seen is the line at the very end, which he erased: “… or you’ll be tied to the railroad tracks!” When I asked him why he kept the part about walking the plank, but erased the threat of death by MetroLiner, he said, “I thought you’d say it was too violent.”

Smart kid.

I didn’t sign it. No way I’m guaranteeing which items will make their way from Santa’s big bag to Sam’s hot little hands. And I find his terrorist tactics a little disturbing.

But honestly, I do feel the need to reward his ingenuity. Plus, I really want my OXOXOX’s.


3 responses to ““Hello, Fed Ex? How Much to Deliver a Document to The North Pole?”

  1. That is one smart kid!!!

  2. Make him play your game. It’s a slippery slope once he knows you’ll shell out the green for playmobeals and xox’s.

    Sounds like it’s time for Sam to pay a little visit to Uncle Doug’s Prison for Wayward Filmmakers in Training. I guarantee he’ll be scared straight and whisting a different tune when he returns home. Terrorist tactics cannot be tolerated.

    I’ll take you up on the scared straight offer. And while I agree on the no tolerance for terrorism thing, I’m not scared of his stinkin’ plank! -KDF

  3. This sounds like something my David would do! How great.

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