Our Ziploc Bags Are Packed

Abby and I get to have a little one-on-one, mother/daughter, girl-bonding time!

At least, until the plane lands, where we’ll be greeted by my parents, two of my brothers, one extremely tolerant sister-in-law, two nephews, one niece, one sweet, old mature, yet youthful* dog, one spoiled-rotten puppy, two cats, and a dead turkey.

Tomorrow morning, we will be locked in a sea of humanity at the security gate airport bound, on our way to spend Thanksgiving with my parents, in the town where I grew up.

I’ll be busy trolling for open wireless signals while playing hide and seek with my nephews, asking my dad to turn the TV down, and gaining five pounds.

Cranberry-orange relish with a side of stuffing, please.

* Revised because my bad-ass loving and wonderful sister in law knows where I’m sleeping tonight.


11/21 MORNING UPDATE: We have whipped cream.



7 responses to “Our Ziploc Bags Are Packed

  1. Free wireless at Uncle Doug’s and I’ll even give you a key. Also…I already invited you to my gym, so there’s no reason for the five pounds. You can sweat to the oldies instead.

    As your attorney, I advise you spend as little time as possible at mom and dad’s.

    First of all, the workout clothes are packed. Second, HI MOM! Doug said the mean thing, not me! :P -KDF

  2. No, that was my attorney saying the second thing. Uhhh, yes. Ummm, and….and my attorney has advised me to say nothing further. Good day.

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  4. The extremely tolerant sister in law isn’t so tolerant when you call her dog “old.” Watch your back. She can be mean.

    Crap. *hides the pies* -KDF

  5. Second the motion. She ain’t tolerant. She’s downright mean.

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  7. uncle doug and uncle mike sound just like my brothers…

    smartasses wonderful, sweet guys who i wouldn’t trade for the world :)

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