For This, I Give Thanks

1.) Love
2.) My children and their health
3.) Words
4.) a) Chocolate, b) venti iced quad nonfat cappucinos, and c) mashed potatoes (not necessarily consumed simultaneously)
5.) Outstanding teachers
6.) Four-leaf clovers
7.) Curly-girl hair care products that actually work
8.) Those who value kindness
9.) Big Papi
10.) Laughing until it hurts

What are you thankful for?


8 responses to “For This, I Give Thanks

  1. Stumbled upon your blog a week ago and decided to come back. Not for the articles you write, but for how you write them, really amazing stuff you’re doing here, i like how you put information into the articles which makes it much easier to read and much more interesting of course. Keep up the good work!

    Thank you for your kind words. -KDF

  2. In random order, I am thankful for:

    1. Yesterday & today: No work, no school
    2. The fact that I have the opportunity to go to work and school, though I’m not always feeling grateful for it
    3. My darling niece & nephew, who can make me smile just by uttering a random syllable or two
    4. My parents, who love and support me, though I sometimes force them to wonder why
    5. Outstanding teachers, my finance professor in particular: Good instructors are few and far between at my school, so I appreciate her all the more. God bless her.
    6. My creativity: I’ve been making more Christmas ornaments today, and I must say they’re quite pretty.
    7. My Tivo, DVD collection, and packed bookshelves: I never lack for entertainment.
    8. Being able to share musical ability with my family: We all sing and/or play instruments; together, whenever it’s possible.
    9. Dave, my oldest sister, KDF, s-girl, c-bol, and knbtc: All the bloggers who provide me with a good laugh or a little bit of perspective when I need it the most.
    10. Fried Ice Cream, Bumble style
    11. Bubble baths, followed by cozy, fluffy robes & slippers

    {{{Bumble}}} Happy Thanksgiving! -KDF

  3. Can’t really change your list at all.
    Okay, except 4b, 7, and 9.

    4b – quad-venti, half-syrup, toffee-nut latte

    7 – umm, sharp razors?

    9 – guess I’ll go with Tony Romo, since there are no good Texas baseball players.

  4. I agree with everything your thankful for except #9 I love the entire red sox team! And I pretty much have to agree with you or else i’ll be sent to my room! But there is something you forgot to add… ME!!!!!!! “HINT, HINT” and Uncle Gene. I love you mommy and I hope you take me to Nonny and Poppy’s house again just you and me.

    I could never forget you or Uncle Gene, Abby. :) I love you! -KDF

  5. not being in pain at this very moment…because of that I can’t think of anything else but I have lots and lots of wonderful that I am thankful for…when I’m not drugged up :)

  6. Newbie visiting from fxsmom [and there she is, just above!] We have a lot to be thankful for too. I think it’s only in the last few years that I’ve discovered that I actually prefer Thanksgiving to Christmas [but don’t tell my mum that]

  7. 1 & 2 – a definite YES, with the addition of my parents and brothers and sisters

    3, 4c – yes

    5, 6 – yes

    7 – well…you know that’s not necessary for me, but i’m thankful that they work for you ;)

    9…uh…since we’re friends and i wanna keep it that way, i won’t even go there *smooch*

    10 – another most definite YES

    also, if i may…

    another definite YES as far as b’s #9, substituting her for myself :)

    and lastly for bananas foster, which i have yet to try, but hope to try one day, preferably with bumble

  8. s-girl~ Yes, indeed. That’ll be the first thing I do if I’m ever in Louisiana: find you and get some bananas foster. :-)

    Right now I’m going to settle for some of the pumpkin pie cake I made a couple of days ago. Mmmm….

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