Uncle Doug’s Thanksgiving Recipe

1.) Remove cap from can of whipped cream.

2.) Spray liberally into the mouth of an adorable two year-old.

3.) Be thankful for her extremely tolerant mother, who indulges us by allowing such silliness, even after I insulted her dog.

4.) Repeat.


5 responses to “Uncle Doug’s Thanksgiving Recipe

  1. GET OUT!!!

    My cousin’s adorable two-year-old daughter had that EXACT SAME DESSERT on Thursday night!!


  2. i guess the smirk and the “more” means that would be a “yes”, right?

    she’s adorable :)

  3. *laughs*

    More is right.

    I did that same thing for my co-worker yesterday as per his request. Not nearly as cute with a 19-year-old, but still fun. :-)

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