Huh, I Never Knew

Sam: Mom, you know what I want for Christmas?

Me: What, Sam?

Sam: Aqua Dots.

Me: They don’t sell those anymore, pal.

Sam: Why not?

Me: Because they have a chemical in them that causes unconsiousness, drowsiness, seizures, coma and death made some kids get sick.

Sam: They won’t make ME sick! I was born hydrodynamic*!

*Never mind the definition; Sam thinks it means “strong.” When I asked him where he heard that, he said, “SpongeBob told me.”


4 responses to “Huh, I Never Knew

  1. Ooh, me too, Sam.

  2. There always seem to be more reports. Glad Spongebob was able to help out!

  3. I’m impressed anyone could say that word!! Good job Sam :)

  4. can’t they just say on the box…”Hey, kid, don’t eat these!”

    i’m distracted by the idea they can be used for creating ‘multi-dimensional’ objects…unless ‘multi-‘ means ‘up to three’ , they should say also “Kid! Don’t build a tesseract! Read ‘A Wrinkle In Time’ instead!”

    *SNORK* New words!!! When I was young, (multi, to be exact) I rode a multicycle; 3 to the multieth power = 27; and multi-decades ago, a multi-hour tour stranded some unfortunate folks on Gilligan’s Island. -KDF

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