Friday Night Turn-Up-the-Lights


Tonight I get to be a chaperone at Sam’s very. First. School. Dance.

*cue disbelief, tears, and “I remember when you were a baby!” stories*

He brought a notice home in his backpack a few weeks ago and declared that he wanted to go. I don’t think he knows what he’s in for, but then, in 6th grade, did anybody?

I remember trying to make myself invisible by backing up against a wall with most of the rest of the girls, keeping very busy with pizza and Coke and highly important chit-chat, and trying to look oh-so-cool and entirely comfortable in this painfully awkward and awful situation, so as to have several excuses at all times why I just absolutely could not dance. No, thank you. No. Way.

I’m not exactly sure why anybody went in the first place, since, afterall, it was billed as a dance, at which one would expect, one would think, to be, perhaps, dancing.

But… N. O. No!!! How embarrassing!

Tonight, I’ll be the one hiding in the corner with a camera strategically placed in front of my face so as to hide my parental giggling. (Well, I’m also going so that I can be there to cue Sam as he navigates the social scene, fend off any bullies, and make sure he has a good time. But mostly, for the pictures and the giggling.)

Oh, I know, I’m awful. I’m going to be one of those horrible, mortifying parents who actually shows up at her son’s school dance with a camera. How could I?

But… how can I not?


4 responses to “Friday Night Turn-Up-the-Lights

  1. I’m with you on that one, how could you not. Mind you, I think I might go disguised as a Christmas tree just to be on the safe side.

  2. poor sam….you will be the consistent flash coming from the corner of an otherwise dusky gym…lol

  3. Hmm. My first school dance was in 7th grade. I think most of the girls actually wanted to dance, or at least attempt it, but the guys weren’t willing.

    In the end, the DJ was desperate and called for a snowball dance. He made two people start dancing, then after a minute or two he flashed the lights, and they each had to pick someone new to dance with. The idea was that everyone would be dancing at the end, but people cheated. In the end, he just told us all to pick somebody.

    I asked a boy I had a crush on to dance with me. He didn’t say no, but he looked like he was being force-fed a lemon, and he stood as far away from me as was possible while deigning to rest his fingertips on my shoulders.

    I got over that crush pretty quick, and I think that was the only school dance I ever attended.

    Ugh. Sorry to be such a party pooper. I hope Sam has a great time. We’ll want to see pictures! :-)

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