Monthly Archives: December 2007

I Resolve

… to not resolve a single damn thing, except for the stuff that I’m resolving already.

Besides, I already belong to (and go to, even) a gym, I’m nice to my neighbors, I eat green vegetables, drink V8, and I write (almost) every day.

My children won’t be better behaved next year, the bathroom sink will not be shinier, I won’t clear out the clutter littering the basement, and I’m sure there will be even more dust bunnies under my couch.

However, 2008 will be the best year ever. I believe!



Here’s a handy tip for parents who are sick to death of Disney’s High School Musical:

Do not, under any circumstances, purchase for your children a game in which the entire purpose is for the players to repeatedly sing, at high volume, all of the songs from High School Musicals I and II and every dang-blasted, happy, happy Disney Channel movie and/or TV show ever made.

Also, do NOT purchase a microphone.

What terrible, insensitive, unthinking person bought this game for my darling children? Why… it was me, of course!

This Is No Longer Timely, Nor Is It Topical, But I’m Posting It Anyway

The gingerbread stylings of Hannah, Abby and Sam




Christmas Eve letter to Santa, as scribed by Abby


Kids on Christmas morning, awaiting their official release from the hallway. Please note the absence of daylight.


Watch this Space

I really do have a Christmas Eve blog post in my head, but I’m too busy wrapping-cooking-baking-gifting-searching-for-Scotch-tape-last-minute-shopping-yelling-at-kids-to-clean-up-their-rooms-or-Santa-might-not-show-up to do anything about transporting it from my head to here.

I might catch a minute later, but it depends entirely on whether or not I run out of wrapping paper or batteries or vanilla extract and need to go out to the store again. If it does all get done without the need for any further last-minute errands, I have promised to give myself the gift of sitting down for a minute or ten.

I know. Funny. Ha!

Merry Christmas, everyone. Here’s hoping you’re warm and happy and with the people you love.

Couldn’t the Same Be Said About [Insert Name of Brilliant Mathematician Here]?

This just in from the Math section of Sam’s most recent progress report, as issued on official Special Education Department stationery (I find myself reading the following paragraph over and over, because it makes me giggle, which probably would get me some odd looks from the middle school principal and some of Sam’s teachers, but I can live with that):

Progress Report Information: Sam knows what to do with the data, and which data is useful, but he generally wants to immediately solve the problem, and does not list the data unless prompted. Sam requires cueing and support in order to explain his steps in any format. At times, Sam’s answer to a request for an explanation is, “Because that is the right answer.” It is difficult for Sam to explain his reasoning, although his reasoning is usually accurate.

So… he can’t explain why, but he’s efficient and confident and right? I think I’m okay with that.

Gratuitous Bragging Addendum, Just ‘Cuz I’m Proud and Will Never, Ever Skip An Opportunity to Gush: May as well reflect back on a few gems from the past.

UPDATE: It occurs to me that no Sam retrospective is complete without his poetic stylings.

I Think There Might Be A Compliment In Here Somewhere

Abby: Mom, it’s funny how you look so different all the time. During the day, you look like you’re a 26 year-old, but in the morning, you look 42. And at night, you just have messy hair and you look really tired.

A Happy Holidays Personal Fingertip Safety Announcement

For the many of you who are already dealing with absurd amounts of snow in the driveway, even though it isn’t even winter yet, please click here for a friendly safety reminder.*

*Unless you are prone to passing out. (Please consider this your “ewww” warning.)

Note: I’m not kidding.

Note on the note: No, really.

Note on the note’s note: Okay, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.