Just Sayin’

Unfunny Warning:

I apologize — this makes two rants in a row.


This kid. The one who shot up the mall in Omaha and killed eight people.

Does anybody else find it utterly horrifying that in spite of things like mall-shooter suicide notes that say, “Now I’ll be famous,” the media STILL insist on showing us pictures of the shooter, rewarding him with exactly what he was after and thereby encouraging the next pathetic, lost, angry soul to seek the same notoriety?

Why not just keep the pictures of the infamy-seekers out of it? Why not focus only on the victims? I can’t stand it when I see news stories referring to criminals as “masterminds.” How can we not see that the next guy to go on a rampage would LOVE to receive such a compliment?


5 responses to “Just Sayin’

  1. Yes I heard that on the radio yesterday. It would be nice to ban photos of the shooter and publicize photos of the victims [but that would make the victims position even worse in some ways] What a strange world we live in.
    Best wishes

  2. agree with the ‘mastermind’ concept…with so many examples to choose from, and with so much lethal firepower out there, it isn’t hard to massacre a bunch of strangers, if one is so minded…

    in 356 B.C . a young man named herostratus burned down the temple of artemis at ephesus, he did it to be famous, too…

  3. I haven’t seen one story explaining why his stepfather had an assault rifle for him to steal and use to kill people.

    Just sayin’.

  4. jeff – it doesn’t matter, it was his right :(

  5. I agree wholeheartedly with you. I overheard that on the radio as well. I must say that I have focused on the victims and I have no recollection of this kids name. I’m happy keeping it that way because that is just disgusting!

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