Star vs. Angel

1christmas_tree.png While I was growing up, an angel always topped our Christmas tree. I continued that tradition in my own house.

She has quite a history, this winged, fancy lady who leaves the attic only once every year, and to me, has earned her spot of honor. Our original angel suffered a violent death when our Very Tall Tree fell over a few years ago. Her head and hands were ceramic, so her landing wasn’t pretty. My mom very kindly sent a beautiful new celestial tree chick as a Christmas gift after I told her that we had temporarily replaced the shattered ornament with one of Abby’s finger puppets. I kind of loved that one, actually, but the reborn/replaced “official” angel was nice too.

Shortly after that, Sam asked why we didn’t have a star for the top of the tree. He told me that all of the trees in the TV Christmas Specials had stars, and he wanted one too. I explained that yes, lots of people use stars, but we have an angel because… well, because we like it that way. He was persistent, and he and I ended up making a cardboard star covered with aluminum foil, and we added it to the tree.

He liked it, but still coveted a “real” star.

So last year, I went out and found one, much to his delight.

And then began the controversy. While Sam prefers a nice, sparkly star, his sisters still prefer a ladylike, well-dressed angel hanging out on high.


Sam: Stars bring joy to the tree. Angels just sit there.

Abby (hands on hips): Angels help you not get damned to Hell.

Hannah: Mom, do we have any more candy canes?

The angel and the star are currently cohabitating at the top of the tree. I may need to assign 24-hour angel bodyguard duty to a few of the other ornaments, as Sam has an “I’m plotting a kidnapping” look in his eye.

We’ll see how it goes.


4 responses to “Star vs. Angel

  1. Hmm we share the same debate so now we put the star on top and sort of plonk the angel in front as the star is bigger so it makes a sort of back drop.

  2. girls are always right! ;-)

  3. Hi! I haven’t stopped by for a while, so I got to read several of your wonderful posts. It sounds like Sam had a good time at the dance, and do I think you did too? Yes. ;)

    {{{Eleanor!!}}} I’m really glad you stopped by. And yes, I had a wonderful time at the dance. :) -KDF

  4. We have a star, just because it was cheaper than the angel. I like the compromise you guys made… definitely makes the tree much more interesting and unique.

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