Watch this Space

I really do have a Christmas Eve blog post in my head, but I’m too busy wrapping-cooking-baking-gifting-searching-for-Scotch-tape-last-minute-shopping-yelling-at-kids-to-clean-up-their-rooms-or-Santa-might-not-show-up to do anything about transporting it from my head to here.

I might catch a minute later, but it depends entirely on whether or not I run out of wrapping paper or batteries or vanilla extract and need to go out to the store again. If it does all get done without the need for any further last-minute errands, I have promised to give myself the gift of sitting down for a minute or ten.

I know. Funny. Ha!

Merry Christmas, everyone. Here’s hoping you’re warm and happy and with the people you love.


One response to “Watch this Space

  1. You and me both dearie!
    Compliments of the season from me and mine to you and yours.

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