Here’s a handy tip for parents who are sick to death of Disney’s High School Musical:

Do not, under any circumstances, purchase for your children a game in which the entire purpose is for the players to repeatedly sing, at high volume, all of the songs from High School Musicals I and II and every dang-blasted, happy, happy Disney Channel movie and/or TV show ever made.

Also, do NOT purchase a microphone.

What terrible, insensitive, unthinking person bought this game for my darling children? Why… it was me, of course!


5 responses to “Duh

  1. I managed to buy the Hannah Montana game. Fortunately, I did not buy the microphone. You’d think my nine-year old’s life depended on winning. Am not sure we will ever play that game again.

  2. See blog entry title. You say all that needs to be said: “Duh.” I have nothing more to add. I’m just glad it wasn’t me who made that purchase.

  3. It could have been worse – say, The Spice Girls.

  4. why, in my day, you just had to listen to your neighbors play their soundtrack recording of ‘grease’ over and over and over and over… until you wanted to smash their record player while shrieking in a voice that would make john travolta admit ‘battlefield earth’ maybe wasn’t his best work , “Now try to tell me more, ahahahahahaha!!!!”

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