You Would Think

… that the arrival of the new year would have inspired me to get back here and write something — ANYTHING — already.

However, since the kids returned to school, I’m pretty much just trying to keep up with the laundry and all of the pine needles that continue to rain down on my living room floor, so I have sorely neglected my blogging duties.

The ornaments will get packed up tomorrow, which will really piss off Lily, the cat, since she seems to think that the space under the Christmas tree is her own personal forest, which is 1) a fabulous location for napping and 2) was a great place to stop for a drink, at least until I stopped watering it a week and a half ago.

I suppose there may be a correlation between the not watering and the Rain of the Pine Needles, which really might be an excellent name for a sad, sad, overly sappy song, but I digress.

I can’t promise anything, but I think that once the tree is gone and the living room chairs are returned to their proper, non-Christmas, upright and locked positions, maybe I’ll come back here and post something.


One response to “You Would Think

  1. think creedence clearwater…

    long as i remember
    pine needles dryin’ out
    aspirin in the tree stand
    it’s a headache there’s no doubt!
    a plastic tree just wouldn’t
    leave souvenirs till May
    and i wonder, as they’re trod under
    who’ll stop their rain?

    *snork* Outstanding, insom! -KDF

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