Where Are You People Coming From??

Something on my stats page is driving me crazy.

Well, in a good way, but still.

Does anyone know WHY this post, two months after the fact, still gets many, many hits? More than any other post? Every single day?

Someone, somewhere, must have linked to it, but try as I might, I cannot figure out why, where, or by whom.

So, um, thank you? But, please — for curiosity’s sake — where are you coming from?


8 responses to “Where Are You People Coming From??

  1. Because it’s well written and funny-hilarious really. Because it’s “cute” and because anyone that’s had children can relate. Because the memo about the “meding” is not unlike the memos a lot of us get in our working day world. Glad I stumbled across it. Thanks!

    Thank you! -KDF

  2. The word ‘meding’ returns 152K hits in Google?

    I have one post that does the same thing. I do not think it is any better or worse than the rest, but it leads my small pack.

    No I did not get here from Google, but from wordpress,com, lol!

    Holy moly, 152,000? That’s odd. -KDF

  3. Hmmm…I’d be glad ta tell ya where I’m a coming from if I could only but remember…LOL

    Har! -KDF

  4. Well i come from where you come from, i mean just next door but you don’t come from the pearl of Africa.

    Ummmkay. -KDF

  5. This post appeared on my front page of WordPress….and then, of course, I had to go check out the mystery post. Curious? Me? Nope! hehehehee

  6. Maybe they came from exPed!a.com looking for a place to stay in New England?


  7. You’re in New England? My stats page shows you being in Phoenix! Wondered where all the snow was coming from.

    Well, you know. I like to keep you guessing. -KDF

  8. You know where I’m coming from and I think this is the first time I’ve read the original post, but it’s very funny. :)

    *smooch* Thank you, Eleanor. :) -KDF

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