An Historical Pictorial of Titanic Proportions


Sam’s explains each frame:

1) iceberg, 2) taking on water, 3) bow deck underwater, 4) boat deck in water, 5) propellers out of water, 6) ship begins to crack, 7) ship splits in three, 8) stern sits normally while bow sinks, 9) stern takes on water, 10) 90 degree angle, 11) final sinking, 12) propellers going underwater, 13) bow planes away (that means sinking fast), 14) ocean floor

“S.S. Oops.” Har!


2 responses to “An Historical Pictorial of Titanic Proportions

  1. lol…S.S. oops…priceless!!

  2. *glub*
    as a second prize in a Lego building contest years ago, insomniac, jr. won a piece of coal from the Titanic. most of the stuff found on the ocean floor was left there out of respect, but the coal was salvaged…

    Wow, cool prize. I hope he treasures it! -KDF

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