I’m Going to Mars!

No, really!


Abby’s class is going on a very cool field trip soon, and I found out today that I get to go along as a chaperone. This is, of course, a very serious responsibility, in that 1) Abby and her classmates will instruct me as to my space program duties, and 2) I’ll behave in such a way that scars Abby for life embarrasses her deeply makes my daughter proud.

Truth is, I heard about this 5th grade field trip way back when Sam was in kindergarten, and I hoped I’d have the opportunity to get in on it with one of the kids. The Challenger Center isn’t open to the public — only to school groups. Last year, Sam’s class went without me (cue the violins, please) but today, Mr. O’C pulled my name from the class hat.

I wonder if they’ll serve refreshments?


3 responses to “I’m Going to Mars!

  1. Cool. I want to go! Ask Abby if I can. If my bribery checks pay off, she’ll definitely say “bring Uncle Doug(y).”

  2. with mars (tm thingie) bars?

  3. the mrs. informs me that ‘spirit’ and ‘opportunity’ (mars rovers) are closing in on 5 years of service…

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