Our Nation’s Future

Here’s what happens when my two daughters and Abby’s friend Marisa figure out how to use the video function on my camera, Windows MovieMaker, and YouTube.

They make commercials.

They came up with the idea, wrote it, filmed, directed, acted, voiced-over, video-edited, wrote and typed in the subtitles, all on their own. My only function was to be totally impressed when they showed me the finished product.

I love it when they get all creative.

Way to go, girls!

I’m dialing right now.


6 responses to “Our Nation’s Future

  1. Can I borrow them for my group project in Advertising & Promotion?

    I suspect they’ll work for a small payment consisting of gum and/or cookies. -KDF

  2. I called on the way home tonight and Abby answered. I told her i needed a case of that crazy scarf-growin’ hair product immediately and that i’d pay any price, She informed me that they were completely sold out, but was happy to place me on a waiting list for the next shipment. Apparently the wait time for the kind that grows the long brown scarf hair with “pretty cheetahs and little polka dots” is a miniature eternity. No matter. I’ll wait. By the way…the bell sound that signals the magical “hair transformation” reduces me to spastic belly chortles every time. Beautiful job, girls! They’ve promised me an Uncle Doug Birthday video next, and if i don’t see it by tomorrow I swear I’m gonna sue.

    Doug, the bell is one of my favorite parts, too. But I have so many, it’s hard to keep track — the “before” picture, the repeated “OMG”s, the superfast phone number voiceover at the end… they captured the essence of the cheesy TV infomercial and made it funny all at the same time. I love it. -KDF

  3. Wow! Stars in the making! Thanks for sharing!

  4. hee!

    that’s awesome, kay!

    i’m looking forward to seeing uncle doug’s b’day video :)

  5. Hahahahaha!

    Just brilliant, K.

    Jeff! Nice to see you. And, thanks! -KDF

  6. WTG! Putting in the ‘before’ picture was genius. :)

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