Happy Birthday to the ‘Rents

While I was growing up, I thought that parents were required to share birthdays. That for any given person, spousal choice was limited to whomever was born on that same day. This is because my mom and dad share a birthday, so I just assumed it was a rule.

Of course, I was also shocked — I mean, SHOCKED — to realize that Mom and Dad don’t know everything, that Santa, The Birthday Elf and The Easter Bunny are more “imaginary friend” than “guy who breaks into the house and leaves presents,” and that chocolate doesn’t grow on trees. Dammit.

Happy Birthday, Mom and Dad! Here’s to life celebrations and many, many more.


5 responses to “Happy Birthday to the ‘Rents

  1. how cool that they share a birthday. that doesn’t happen to often. Hope they have a relaxing one :)

  2. Doubly happy birthday wishes to KDF’s folks! Thanks for bringing her into the world; it’s a better place because you did!

  3. Aw! Thanks, ladies.

  4. Wow, that’s cool. The only other couple I know who share a birthday are Christobol and his wife.

    Have a great one.

  5. Both my kids and Hubby have their birthdays in December, so my son just expected that, of course, MY birthday is in December. Don’t we celebrate EVERYONE’S birthday in December??

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