Meat Update

It’s trash day, and I just cleaned out my freezer, because for the first time in five years I remembered that I’ve been meaning to do that and I remembered it on trash day.

I found some chicken breasts that expired in 2004.

This begs a question, which you can answer by clicking here:

What? It was frozen!

This has been your meat update.


9 responses to “Meat Update

  1. I grew up eating (and enjoying!) the cooking of a woman who cuts the moldy part off the cheese and grates it anyway. She’s a member of the “frozen food is good indefinitely” camp. :-)

    Hey, that’s a delicacy. I LOVE blue cheese! -KDF

  2. after consulting with the mrs., i had to vote ‘no’ on the 4 yr. old chicken… but i do the trimming off of the moldy cheese! my rationalization is this, the mold is only on the outside, so the interior is good, at least until it becomes the outside (’cause of the trimming)

    moldy bread generally goes in the trash though…
    (yes, i’m an enigma!)

    OK, I’m fessing up here… I threw away the chicken. As for the moldy cheese, I’ve always heard that if it’s soft cheese, throw it away, but if it’s hard cheese, it’s okay to cut off the mold and use the rest. Who knows whether it’s true or not, but I tend to judge by smell anyway. Mildewy? Ew. -KDF

  3. Awww… the chicken’s fine, as long as it’s frozen! At least, I think it’s fine. But I’m not much of a culinary expert. Although I do watch the Food Network.

  4. Here is how it works in my house…..the wife would douse it in bbq sauce…or not…and not tell me anything was wrong with it.

    She would then hold off eating to see my reaction to it…possibly by a few hours. So by reaction I mean both my immediate reaction and my….ummm…intestinal reaction.

    By the way, she also worked at the grocery deli way back in the day and said they always cut off the mold….so we ALL eat that kind of cheese.

    Mike, you forgot about the part where she laughs like a hyena after telling you what she did. You know — while you’re retching. Oh, how I adore your wife. :) -KDF

  5. Mom! i have no choice! i have to eat at your house! mommy! your confusing me!!!

    Abby is accepting any and all donations toward her future therapy bills. -KDF

  6. damn, i need to clean out the fridge/freezer….but really who wants to do that…i just keep moving the old stuff over.

  7. Jeff Meyerson

    *snork* at Abby

    I cut the mold and hard bits off cheese (hard cheese) all the time, so you’re good to go.

    Good choice on the chicken, however.

  8. i think everybody cuts the moldy part off of the cheese, and eats the rest until, as insom said, the inside becomes the outside

    chicken tho? i’d have definitely thrown it out

    and…major *SNORK* at abby (your daughter) ;)

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