Oh, Well NOW I Get It

Sam: Mom, don’t you think violence is funny?

Me: No, Sam not at all. In fact, it really upsets me that you think that.

Sam: Mom, girls like dolls. Boys like action figures. Girls like gentleness. Boys like violence. That’s why we have different bathrooms.


10 responses to “Oh, Well NOW I Get It

  1. *SNORK*

    The boy really needs his own show: “Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to Sam Explains it All!”

  2. so the preferred reading for the girls’ bathroom is ‘Little Women’ and for the boys it is “Lord of the Flies”?

    Exactly! -KDF

  3. Austin just gave me this same explanation recently. silly boys :)

  4. The boy hits the nail on the proverbial head. Hats off, Sam. Well said.

  5. Mom, that is from fairly odd parents! and Bumble I agree Sam does need his own show and we keep telling him to come do a SHAproduction video with us and he says that he is to “cool” for us so he can’t!!! i wish he would though!!!

  6. Abby, I wish Sam would do a show too. Tell him i said so. Also…did you just accuse your mom of plagiarism?

    Geez, Uncle Doug. I think she just accused her brother of plagiarism. -KDF

  7. Abby~ Tell him a 24-year-old college girl thinks your videos are some of the coolest stuff on the internet. ;-)

  8. And so does this geezer, Abby.

  9. Oh sorry, KDF. I thought she was saying you lifted the script from Fairly Odd Parents. I dont even know what Fairly Odd Parents is. I must be culturally unaware.

    Anybody who’s not 8 – 12 is culturally unaware. Or so I’m told. -KDF

  10. That’s Awesome!

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