“Geez, Kath, It’s Been A MONTH!”

Whaddya want? I’m living in a hotel!

*Thanks to Uncle Mike for the quote/complaint. Please note that all queries will be handled in the order received, that is to say, sometime next fall, maybe*


9 responses to ““Geez, Kath, It’s Been A MONTH!”

  1. (((Kath)))

    You poor thing. Why still in the hotel?

    House not ready to move into yet. One more month! -KDF

  2. if ya want to escape for a while, feel free to c’mon over

    course, i don’t have a swing anymore, but still…

    Awww… you know I’ll always love hanging out with you… swing or no swing! -KDF

  3. Gee whiz. Sucks that the timing of moving out of the old house and having your new house ready couldn’t have been a bit closer together. Moving is crappy enough without having to deal with two months in a hotel. Ugh.

    {{{Kath}}} again for good measure.

    Thanks, B. Honestly, though, we’re fine. The house sold much faster than expected, which is the best of all problems to have, especially given the current state of the real estate market! It’s an adventure, and we’re rolling with it! -KDF

  4. True. That’s fortunate.

  5. Jeff Meyerson

    And how are the kids doing?

    We miss reading about them (and you too, of course).

    They’re doing great, thanks, Jeff. And thank you, again — it’s nice to be missed! -KDF

  6. I just miss YOU.


    Aw. I miss you too, sistah. -KDF

  7. We only have a week and a half left in the hotel. we will have to go to Uncle Doug’s wedding before we move into the house. We will probably be in the house in mid July. YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY !! i will miss my friends though…

    {{{Abby}}} They’ll miss you too, sweetie. -KDF

  8. I feel like I have known you guys forever has it really only been since my birthday? I’m gonna miss you guys and I know Cassie will too. Awww I think Im gonna cry. *Tear*

  9. From the way Abby sounds, I think you’re all doing pretty well!;)

    Miss you………..:)

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