Regarding that Inevitable Beginning of the School Year Fire Drill

Hannah: Oh, by the way, I had a firedrill today.

Sam: You did?? Hannah, did you freak out?

Hannah: No, but I threw my library book up in the air.

Sam: Last time I heard a fire alarm, you know what it felt like? Intense pressure in my lower intestine, a fast beating heart, and my brain felt like it was on fire.


4 responses to “Regarding that Inevitable Beginning of the School Year Fire Drill

  1. last time the fire alarm went off here, i had a wheelchair student in my class. so i tell the other students “if the alarm stops before class is over, come back” and go to the dept. office and call the campus cops to see if it was a “real” fire or not. they don’t know anything…one other student stayed behind, an ex-serviceman, so as i’m trying to figure out if we can get wheelchair student down the stairs from the 5th floor, or should i just give up and tell the cops where they will find our charred remains, the alarm stops! (and only about 5 people return to class)

    so i understand about the lower intestine feeling…

    Wow… that’s pretty darned scary. How do they not know about the wheelchair student, and more importantly, how does the fire department NOT have a plan in place that doesn’t involve the both of you ending up either charred and/or tumbling ass over teakettle down five flights of stairs?? Sam’s deal involves extreme hypersensitivity to noise, which results in an inability to concentrate on anything else for weeks on end, so they’re required to get him the hell out before the alarm goes off. Of course, sometimes this doesn’t go as planned; thus the lower-intestinal issue. -KDF

  2. Wow! Such brilliant communication skills!

  3. He has got to be a writer someday…or maybe a presidential speech writer…we need more of those ;-)

  4. Hi Kathy,
    Just discovered this from an old email to GH [high school.] I’ve put it in my favorites so I can keep up with your happenings.
    Loved talking to you last month.

    AMY!! It’s great to see you here. -KDF-

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