Monthly Archives: November 2008

Uh Oh

My laptop has had electrical “issues” for months. I always have to nudge the plug back and forth, and sometimes I even prop the plug up in one direction or another just to convince the danged thing to charge. But still, I’ve managed to get it to work, most days.

But today, my poor, stubborn computer started smoking, and I don’t think Nicorette’s gonna go do us much good. Burning-wire-scented, little curls of smoke, right at the spot where the plug goes in.

Not good.

UPDATE AS OF DECEMBER 2: Yep, it died. Replacement computer is on the way, but seems to have been sent via Pony Express. Trying to stay strong. *sniff*



Sometimes strange things happen on my stats page, but I can usually figure out why. But I sit here completely stumped as to what seismic event caused this here blog to receive 456 hits yesterday.

No clue.

Anyone? Bueller?

Someone Slept Through Science Class

…which was, unfortunately for her, a prerequisite to meaningful membership in The Environmental Activists’ Club.


That’s how many unpublished drafts I have lurking in my files.

And after a careful review, I have determined that exactly (wait for it) — none of them — have qualities of publishablenessicosity, as they pertain to past events, times, and places.


Gotta get blogging again. I may drag a few oldies out from my archives along the way, so please bear with me. Just trying to restart the engine, and it may take a little tinkering some medication a few whacks on the head to get me restarted.



*moves on*