That’s how many unpublished drafts I have lurking in my files.

And after a careful review, I have determined that exactly (wait for it) — none of them — have qualities of publishablenessicosity, as they pertain to past events, times, and places.


Gotta get blogging again. I may drag a few oldies out from my archives along the way, so please bear with me. Just trying to restart the engine, and it may take a little tinkering some medication a few whacks on the head to get me restarted.


2 responses to “36

  1. future (?) blog entries:
    “Cable TV: A Passing Fad”
    “Can Michael Phelps Do It?”
    “The Five People You Hope To Never Meet in
    Blogdom:Yes, Insomniac This Means You.”

    Insom!! How did you get my password?? -KDF

  2. *snork* @ insom

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