Sometimes strange things happen on my stats page, but I can usually figure out why. But I sit here completely stumped as to what seismic event caused this here blog to receive 456 hits yesterday.

No clue.

Anyone? Bueller?


5 responses to “Huh

  1. no clue, i was only a couple hundred of them, so i can’t account for the rest…

  2. My dad was messing with my computer all day because he bought me an ipod I didn’t really want (I know; I’m weird), and now my whole system is on the fritz. It re-started of its own accord at 3:30 this morning, so I suppose it’s possible it decided to visit your blog a couple hundred times, too. :-)

  3. You guys crack me up.

  4. Well, that’s good. We gotta pay you back for all the crack-ups you give us. :-)


    Incidentally, my system seems to be functioning normally now; it finally caved under the pressure of the swear-words dad’s been hurling at it for the last two days, and reached an understanding with us. As long as I only use 1 USB port at a time, the system does not crash. But if I should dare to plug in my scanner/ipod/flash drive while my internet signal booster is plugged in, kablooie! No more function. So I can have internet or one functioning piece of hardware at a time; never two together. Dad believes he can fix this issue by ordering a USB adapter that plugs into the electrical outlet to provide extra power.

    *sigh* *bangs head against wall* /rant

  5. How many hits would you like to have? I am looking for something to do with this nifty series of Python books that just arrived. Visits to a web page would be a snap to program… :)

    Write on!


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