Hannah’s Commentary on My Sunday Lunch, as Evidence of My Rapidly Advancing Age

I happily took a seat in my kitchen with a bowl of Vegetable Barley soup and a handful of cheesy Goldfish crackers. Hannah licked her fingers as she polished off her Kid Cuisine burger and fruit snacks. Then, she stared at me, eyes wide open and totally horrified, as I tasted my first spoonful.

Hannah: Mom?

Me: What’s up, Hannah?

Hannah: You’re starting to get old.

Me: What?! Why are you saying that?

Hannah (getting agitated, because the answer is SO obvious): You’re eating soup.

Me: And that means I’m old?

Hannah (totally exasperated): Old men. Who are sick. Eat soup.

Me: Yes, they do. But sometimes young kids who are healthy eat soup, Hannah. And other people, too.

Hannah (dramatic eyeroll; heavy sigh): Yeah, right.


5 responses to “Hannah’s Commentary on My Sunday Lunch, as Evidence of My Rapidly Advancing Age

  1. i don’t eat soup, so i guess that means i’m still young! ;)

    :P -KDF

  2. I’m a confirmed soup addict, so I guess I’m screwed.

    *shops for dentures and reading glasses*

    Yep… oooooold before our time.

    *creeeeeak!* -KDF

  3. there’s dark minestrone and mushroom with barley
    campbell’s tomato so old that it’s gnarly
    french onion soup with cheese melted in strings
    these are a few of my favorite things

    two kinds of chowder and ‘italian wedding’
    covered with croutons and crackers for shredding
    borscht, vichysoisse and gazpacho all bring
    such a warmth that this old soupy soul sings!

    with a sandwich
    or a salad
    not a passing fad
    this geezer thinks about soup and then things
    and then he won’t feel
    so sad!

    *applauds wildly*
    *rummages through cabinet*

    Soup for lunch! -KDF

  4. *snork* @ insom

    But you forgot classic chicken noodle!

    *heats up leftover homemade chicken noodle soup for lunch*


  5. KDF~ I was reading your blog the other day, and my two-year-old niece was looking over my shoulder. My brother-in-law has a tendency to wear holey jeans, and when she saw the picture at the top of your page, she said “That’s daddy!”

    Ha! So cute! -KDF

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