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This Is Ridiculous

Good lord, I haven’t posted anything since August? I need to get back in this habit. I miss it. But how to catch up?

My life over the past year and a half, Cliff’s Notes style: I found a new town and fell in love with it. Built a house. Moved my family. Now have impossibly large children, aged 14, 12 and 10. Cut off 10 inches of hair. Had surgery and recovered from it, but now have to wear a %$#@ing medic alert bracelet for the rest of my days. Gained ten pounds, lost ten pounds. Got the kids acclimated to a new town, new climate and new schools. Adopted a dog. Recovered from a nasty case of pneumonia a month ago. Helped my youngest brother raise a whole lot of money for Parkinson’s Research in our dad’s honor, and then watched said brother run the New York Marathon. Became an aunt for the seventh time (welcome to the world, Finnley Hawk!) Haven’t met him yet. Need to fix that. In 18 months, have consumed approximately 1,628 cups of coffee.

So here we are. Moving forward…


Uh Oh

My laptop has had electrical “issues” for months. I always have to nudge the plug back and forth, and sometimes I even prop the plug up in one direction or another just to convince the danged thing to charge. But still, I’ve managed to get it to work, most days.

But today, my poor, stubborn computer started smoking, and I don’t think Nicorette’s gonna go do us much good. Burning-wire-scented, little curls of smoke, right at the spot where the plug goes in.

Not good.

UPDATE AS OF DECEMBER 2: Yep, it died. Replacement computer is on the way, but seems to have been sent via Pony Express. Trying to stay strong. *sniff*

Why I Have Posted Only Seven Times In the Past Seven Weeks (aside from the fact that I’m still afraid of the new WordPress “write page” format)

Yes, the spring activities have run me ragged, and the kids have been sick, and I keep falling asleep on my living room floor at 9 PM, but mainly I’ve been absent because we’re moving.

That’s right. Packing up, moving out, arranging for utility shut offs, address changes and the usual assortment of move-related activities, in addition to the facts that:

1) trying to sell a house in this real estate market is scary if not downright stupid
2) we’ll be living in a hotel for a while, and
3) oh, there’s no three.

But those are all the items that I have not written about yet and likely won’t get back to, so let’s just move on shall we?

Please bear with me while I try to pack up the house without boxing up any kids or cats. We’ll be moving it all to a secret and undisclosed location (please take note of my safety sense, my children, namely Abby) since this is, afterall, the internets.

At least here, I won’t have to change my address.

Have You Ever Had One of Those Dreams Where You Wake Up, and You Know for Certain That You’re Home, Except for the Fact that While You Were Sleeping, Someone Changed All the Paint Colors and Rearranged the Furniture?

So, I go AWOL for a while, and I return to find that WordPress has launched a whole new format on the “Write” page. Am I being punished?

I know that it all looks the same out there to you readers, and I’m probably breaking some sort of unwritten bloggers’ rule by even bringing this up, but from in here? Downright trippy.

No really, it’s fine, and I’m sure that in some way it’s even better than it used to be, but, well, some of us have issues with change, and I suppose I’m just really, in some very roundabout way, asking for sympathy, or a hug, or maybe a red lollipop.

And holy cow, this is my 200th post.

Fun with Editing Software, Part II

The girls have upgraded their efforts from public access infomercials to music videos.

This is entirely kid-produced. No help or interference from any adult. Computers are cool. And you gotta love the toilet metaphor.

Our Nation’s Future

Here’s what happens when my two daughters and Abby’s friend Marisa figure out how to use the video function on my camera, Windows MovieMaker, and YouTube.

They make commercials.

They came up with the idea, wrote it, filmed, directed, acted, voiced-over, video-edited, wrote and typed in the subtitles, all on their own. My only function was to be totally impressed when they showed me the finished product.

I love it when they get all creative.

Way to go, girls!

I’m dialing right now.

Where Are You People Coming From??

Something on my stats page is driving me crazy.

Well, in a good way, but still.

Does anyone know WHY this post, two months after the fact, still gets many, many hits? More than any other post? Every single day?

Someone, somewhere, must have linked to it, but try as I might, I cannot figure out why, where, or by whom.

So, um, thank you? But, please — for curiosity’s sake — where are you coming from?