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Fun with Editing Software, Part II

The girls have upgraded their efforts from public access infomercials to music videos.

This is entirely kid-produced. No help or interference from any adult. Computers are cool. And you gotta love the toilet metaphor.


Our Nation’s Future

Here’s what happens when my two daughters and Abby’s friend Marisa figure out how to use the video function on my camera, Windows MovieMaker, and YouTube.

They make commercials.

They came up with the idea, wrote it, filmed, directed, acted, voiced-over, video-edited, wrote and typed in the subtitles, all on their own. My only function was to be totally impressed when they showed me the finished product.

I love it when they get all creative.

Way to go, girls!

I’m dialing right now.

Item #783 from Hannah’s Big Book of Stuff To Do with the Plastic Curlers that Came with the American Girl Doll that Your Aunt Got You for Christmas

Why, have your mother put them in your own hair and make what would otherwise be a regular old school day extra festive, of course.


And since we’re talking hair…

For those days when you’re feeling extra sassy, a Hannah Montana wig can come in handy, especially when gathered into pigtails and paired with pink and burgundy soccer socks worn with your big sister’s Converse All-Stars.