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Someone Slept Through Science Class

…which was, unfortunately for her, a prerequisite to meaningful membership in The Environmental Activists’ Club.


Fun with Editing Software, Part II

The girls have upgraded their efforts from public access infomercials to music videos.

This is entirely kid-produced. No help or interference from any adult. Computers are cool. And you gotta love the toilet metaphor.

Our Nation’s Future

Here’s what happens when my two daughters and Abby’s friend Marisa figure out how to use the video function on my camera, Windows MovieMaker, and YouTube.

They make commercials.

They came up with the idea, wrote it, filmed, directed, acted, voiced-over, video-edited, wrote and typed in the subtitles, all on their own. My only function was to be totally impressed when they showed me the finished product.

I love it when they get all creative.

Way to go, girls!

I’m dialing right now.

Is It Too Late For Her To Declare Her Candidacy?

Actual Hannah Quote of the Day: “Mom, did you know that every time I throw a penny in a fountain, I wish for world peace? But before my teacher told me about that, I used to wish I could fly.”

I love her.

Unrelated Presidential video clip. She could so mop the voting booth floor with all those other numbskulls.

All She Wants for Christmas Is A Whole Bunch of Stuff


Hannah’s Christmas List, as presented to me on two Post-Its.

Let’s review.

1) Amacin-girl doll or dolls

American Girl doll. 100 bucks a pop. Keep dreamin’, kid.

2) micer fones

Microphones. Hannah and her sister have taken to writing, producing and performing various episodes of “The Abby and Hannah Show.” Think Donny and Marie on helium. The microphones, of course, will provide better sound quality. I’ll have to see how much they cost, but I do like to support their creative spirit.

3) A drum set

Um. No.

4) A Sled

The classic Christmas request. She has forgotten that we already have three. I suspect I could put a bow on one of the inflatable sleds in the basement and call it a gift, and she won’t know the difference. Done.

5) MP3 player

Do they make these in Santa’s workshop?

6 and 7) Webkinz body spray and Webkinz trading cards

I have to hand it to the Webkinz people for their marketing genius. Webkinz started as a line of little stuffed animals with a website home, and now they have an entire product line that’s constantly sold out everywhere.

8) Wii


9) A blanket from Nonnie

I love this one. “Nonnie” is my mom, and she has made maybe twelve blankets for Hannah so far. Some were made with Hannah’s input on color choices (purple mixed with hot pink mixed with bright orange. Which actually, is very similar to the blanket my mom lovingly made for me when I was four or five.) All of them are beloved and well-used. Hannah certainly doesn’t need any more than she already has, nor does my mom have the time to churn one out every year, but I love that Hannah has it on her “most-wanted” list.

10) Winter close

Um, Hannah has so many winter clothes that I can’t close her drawers. Of course, this isn’t about what she needs. This is about fashionista couture.

11) Snow spray

I wasn’t sure what this was, so Hannah described it to me as “That stuff you put on windows to make it look like they’re all snowy.” There are currently ten inches of snow in my yard, with up to eight more expected over the next two days. We don’t really need the illusion of more, plus I know that if a spray can of “snow” enters my house, it will end up on the rug, on the cats and all over the bathroom, so… *buzzer!*

12) Yarn

Aw, I love it when she’s crafty. Yarn it is.

13) Cha cha cha chida

It’s amazing that after all these years, Chia Pets still have what must be the largest TV advertising budget in history. If I can find one, she’ll get one.

14) Alarm colck

I’m not sure why she wants to subject herself to one of these awful Time-Keepers from Hell before it’s absolutely necessary, but I suspect it has something to with whatever is on the Disney Channel at 6:00 AM on Sunday.

Simple Needs

Life Rule #372: Never pass up an opportunity to toss a penny in a fountain.

… sometimes your wishes come true! (Occasionally, in a matter of mere minutes.)


Life Rule #373 (according to Abby): On those rare occasions when your mother grants you a tall vanilla creme frappuccino, always request extra whipped cream.

Uncle Doug’s Thanksgiving Recipe

1.) Remove cap from can of whipped cream.

2.) Spray liberally into the mouth of an adorable two year-old.

3.) Be thankful for her extremely tolerant mother, who indulges us by allowing such silliness, even after I insulted her dog.

4.) Repeat.